The New LinkGuard: Everything You Need to Know

The New LinkGuard: Everything You Need to Know

We started the new year strong at Blue Ridge Networks with some very exciting news. After much anticipation, we released the next generation of our advanced cybersecurity platform, LinkGuard.

While traditional cybersecurity solutions are designed to respond to cyber-attacks after a breach occurs, LinkGuard stops an attack before it starts. Using a Zero Trust stealth overlay, LinkGuard was designed to seamlessly conceal networks, reduce attack surfaces, and prevent hackers from gaining access to critical assets. All while extending trusted communications and connectivity with a granular level of control.

We put together answers to some of the most pressing questions about LinkGuard to help you decide if it’s right for your organization. Ready to learn more? Have a question that isn’t answered here? We’d love to chat with you about it. Contact the Blue Ridge Networks team at

Do I need to upgrade now?

 The release of the new LinkGuard does not mean that you have to upgrade your deployed solution immediately. Our existing products are not changing and will remain fully supported. However, this news does offer an opportunity to update or change your configuration if you see a need for increased throughput or plan to expand your LinkGuard deployment.

Current LinkGuard managed services customers are eligible for an upgrade. Our team of cybersecurity experts will work with you to discuss if an upgrade to your cybersecurity solution is best for your organization. All current product customers are candidates for the updated LinkGuard components, and should reach out to our team for more information on setting up a free trial.

What features are available in the new version of LinkGuard?

 Compared to the previous version, the new LinkGuard offers enhanced performance, with increased throughput and higher system scalability, so you can configure protection for hundreds of field sites, buildings, or industrial plants. Other features include:

  • New hardware to support increased stability and configuration options
  • Faster set-up with zero-touch automated provisioning
  • Built-in, hardware-based public-key identity trust system for devices
  • Advanced encryption and protection options

The new LinkGuard will provide a foundation for future upgrades and advancements, ensuring organizations are always protected from cyberattacks, without constantly reacting to the latest threats or continuously altering their systems and structures. If you’re looking to establish a more resilient solution, contact our team.

Will the old version of LinkGuard continue protecting us from attacks?

Yes, the level of protection offered by the previous version of LinkGuard has not changed. Organizations who choose not to upgrade will still experience the highest standard of protection they have always had with LinkGuard.

 Do you offer the new LinkGuard as a fully managed service?

 Yes, the new LinkGuard is available as a fully managed “LinkGuard-as-a-service.” This method of deployment removes much of the ongoing operational burden, leaving the maintenance and management to Blue Ridge Networks. Our experienced team of experts is ready to help you determine if product or managed service deployment is best for you based on your specific needs.

How do I decide whether to upgrade?

 The new LinkGuard is ideal for those with large or expanding configurations who want to consolidate their hardware footprint, those who value the latest encryption technology and those who are interested in exploring new provisioning methods.

For more information about LinkGuard visit the product page on our website, or contact us here.