Autonomous Endpoint Security

The Challenge

It’s common knowledge that endpoints, PCs, and servers are regularly targeted by hackers and malware attacks.

Yet, most conventional endpoint security solutions can’t or don’t stop targeted attacks, but rather attempt to detect or contain a compromise that has already occurred. Rather than focus on the detection of malware, why not focus on prevention?

The Solution

AppGuard provides a new level of autonomous endpoint security that doesn’t require critical patches to protect your most valued applications. AppGuard works to prevent unauthorized intrusions from any malware-based attack.

AppGuard prevents malware from detonating without requiring signature-based detection, scanning, or patch updates — and without disrupting the user experience or degrading system performance. Attacks are halted at the first stage, so there’s no need to worry about compromised user workspace or system resources. No endpoint protected by AppGuard has ever been breached.

Problems We Solve

Key Benefits

network infrastructure providers
  • Eliminates the need for constant security patches or updates
  • Stops known and unknown attacks without the need to build lists of security threats already identified by other sources
  • No sandboxing, scanning, or cumbersome processes
  • Provides autonomous protection without user intervention
  • Seamless with all Microsoft Windows platforms, stands alone with no OS hooks, and includes all documented APIs
  • Carries an extremely light footprint (under 1MB) with no processor dependency and minimal system resource requirements
  • Protects Windows XP, unsupported by Microsoft but still used in critical infrastructure systems.


“AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.”-Robert Bigman, Former Chief Information Officer, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

“Appguard has a completely new method for delivering threat protection and breach prevention. I’m a true believer, and that’s why I’ve joined the AppGuard team.”-Hiro Higuma, Former President of Symantec Japan, Current Chief Strategy Officer, AppGuard

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