Seamless PCI Compliance with Zero Trust Segmentation and Security for Retailers

Retail is not a new target for savvy cybercriminals, yet it’s often regarded as one of the most lucrative and high-profile opportunities for an attack. The Target breach of 2013 clearly demonstrated how just one endpoint vulnerability can give a hacker the access they need to cause serious, often irreparable damage. Since then the threat has not dissipated. In fact, according to the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report, 50 percent of U.S. retail survey respondents reported a breach in 2017.

Due in large part to misconceptions about cost or coverage of existing solutions, many major retail organizations are just not as protected as they should be. In the coming months leading up to the holiday season, retailers will be at their busiest, and hackers will be able to exploit any gaps in the infrastructure. That’s why “right now” is the perfect time to do a comprehensive examination of your security protocols and ensure your systems can meet critical requirements such as:

  • Protecting endpoints, such as devices, from zero-day attacks
  • Ensuring privacy of cardholder information
  • Establishing trusted connectivity across retail locations
  • Reducing the scope of PCI compliance audits and risk assessments

The best way to exceed each of those requirements is to deploy Zero Trust protection. In our new case study, we explore the risk to retail organizations who leave themselves vulnerable to today’s most advanced cyber-attacks. We also demonstrate proven methods of safeguarding critical assets and customer data, by leveraging innovative Zero Trust security technology and methodologies.

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