October is National Cybersecurity Month

Did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Month? There are currently an estimated 5.2 billion Internet users – that’s a lot of people online! With over 65% of the world’s population using the Internet on a daily basis to connect, share, and conduct business, safety and security are of paramount importance. 

According to Srini Miramira, President of Blue Ridge Networks, “cybersecurity starts with you, and is everyone’s responsibility.” 

Cybersecurity matters, whether you’re an individual, a small to medium company, or a large enterprise. Over time, the gravity of taking appropriate cybersecurity actions has increased. Major cyber attacks have become more and more frequent, and losses can be significant. 

While the term “cyber attack” or “hack” may conjure an image of an individual lurking in a dark basement, the modern reality is much different. Cybersecurity breaches today have raised the stakes by introducing increasingly sophisticated technology and raising the stakes with the involvement of nation-state parties. The consequences of a cyber attack can have broad ramifications, including but not limited to reputation damage, financial losses, and in dire circumstances, loss of life. 

In our increasingly digital world, the realities of breaches and attacks must be addressed. At Blue Ridge Networks, we believe that breach prevention and breach protection is possible. Through our Zero Breach for Zero Trust approach, we ensure that our communities are safe and protected. Maureen Gray, Chief Operations Officer of Blue Ridge Networks notes “throughout its history the Blue Ridge products have never been breached.” We developed LinkGuard and AppGuard with the revolutionary intention of preventing breaches before they can even occur, abandoning the standard detect-and-react protocols.

Mark Webber, Vice President of Sales of Blue Ridge Networks, notes that our online world is, “where most of our assets are these days, and it’s also an area where the threat landscape is growing tremendously.” Webber goes on to note that over the last year and a half, some statistics indicate that cybercrime rates are up by over 600%, partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Up to 1 million new malware variants are released every day. With our patented LinkGuard and AppGuard technology, cybersecurity breach prevention is possible. Designed to integrate seamlessly and truly protect what matters, endpoints and servers are protected so you can live life without fear or risk.