Message from Our CEO

Blue Ridge extends its sincere wishes to you, your families, and your colleagues to remain healthy, safe and settled peacefully in this difficult Covid-19 situation. We encourage all of you to heed the guidance of health and law enforcement officials in your locales for your protection.

The rapid shift to telework has emboldened cyber criminals to escalate their attacks. Numerous reports of breaches are now being reported with the increase in on-line activities from home. Popular anti-virus and other cybersecurity protections are struggling to keep up with this onslaught of attacks, many of which are unknown or unanticipated. To help address this situation in this time of need, Blue Ridge is offering special promotions to utilize AppGuard endpoint protection to protect enterprise and personal home computers.

You may now download a free 90-day trial of AppGuard Solo to protect home personal computers with a 60% price discount for conversion to permanent installation on your computers in the future if you choose. If you do not wish to keep AppGuard Solo at the end of the trial period, you may uninstall it and cancel the license without charge. If you do wish to keep it, you will receive the discounted pricing for your on-going license of the software. We encourage anyone that has not already installed AppGuard Solo on their Windows home personal computers to do so now for free.

We are also offering discounted pricing for AppGuard Enterprise and AppGuard Server to help protect enterprises in this rapid transition to telework operations. For enterprises desiring to immediately enhance their cybersecurity posture for employees teleworking from home, we encourage you to learn about how AppGuard Enterprise and AppGuard Server can help prevent unnecessary risks of an enterprise breach originating from connection with remote endpoints.

Finally, our LinkGuard solutions can assist enterprises protect distributed critical operations by creating secure enclaves immune from external discovery or data exfiltration. We can quickly deploy our overlay LinkGuard solutions to enhance cyber resiliency of enterprise IT and OT infrastructure with minimal disruption to current operations.

Please contact us to learn more about our cybersecurity offerings to help protect you, your families, and your enterprises in this tragic crisis.

John Higginbotham
Chairman & CEO