Looking Ahead: 2022 Cybersecurity Trends

As we reach the end of a tumultuous and ever-changing 2021, we reflect on the lessons we have learned. With cybersecurity rising in notoriety as a result of several high-profile events, including the SolarWinds Dec 2021, Keystone Pipeline attacks May 2021, Kaseya in July 2021, and the current Log4Shell vulnerability, it’s clear that ensuring the safety of US networks is of paramount importance.


Looking ahead to the new year, there are several insights and trends we predict will be influential in the cybersecurity scope.


1. Increased Ransomware Threats


As technological advancements continue to modernize our world, so does ransomware. In 2021 alone, we saw ransomware wreak havoc on businesses both large and small, domestically and internationally. We predict that ransomware will continue to pose challenges for global enterprises, and that the role of cybersecurity will increase in terms of safeguarding everyday life.


2. More Connection Needs More Protection


Humanity constantly seeks to improve itself, and the technology we use in our daily lives is no exception. From automated medical devices, to self-driving cars, the world around us is increasingly computerized. But what happens when the tech we rely on becomes compromised? We feel that as our world gets smarter, we must also put in place protections to ensure that attacks do not take place on the devices we rely on.


3. Planning for the Future


The term “cybersecurity” is not a word brought up in average, everyday conversations. However, we believe that individuals and businesses of all sizes should be having conversations and including cybersecurity in future planning and strategizing.


4. Supply Chain Concerns

In a mid-pandemic 2021, we have all become aware of the global supply chain in a more acute manner. This newfound appreciation for a healthy supply chain brings the necessity of cybersecurity to maintain the flow of goods and commerce. At Blue Ridge Networks, we are aware of the need to strengthen networks across all industries, and predict that the supply chain will continue to be an important issue for many.


While this round-up is not intended to be pessimistic, we strive to raise awareness amongst the community so that solutions can be found and implemented. Being aware of potential threats shouldn’t make anyone worried – it inspires us at Blue Ridge Networks to be an active force for positive change.