Seamlessly Connect and Protect What Matters Most

LinkGuard prevents external network breaches with a solution that is simple to implement, easy to deploy, and doesn't force your organization to constantly react to cyber threats. Even the most complex systems can be up and running in minutes — with no augmentation of your existing system structure.
LinkGuard outperforms complex and insecure solutions like firewalls and TLS or IPsec VPNs and has been heavily tested, protecting U.S. national security assets for over 20 years with no confirmed security breaches.
See How LinkGuard Can Stop Attacks



Hardware Root of Trust

Eliminates commonly exploited vulnerabilities inherent in software-based roots of trust


Stealth Design

Prevents reconnaissance from potential adversaries and drastically reduces the attack surface


Key Management

Built-in PKI authentication eliminates the risk of third party authentication mechanism, while protecting against unauthorized access


Seamless Integration

Layer 2 overlay approach integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure without degradation and supports any ethernet based protocol



Cryptographic algorithms ensure that all communication are encrypted from the very first packet, mitigating threats commonly posed by other encryption solutions

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