LinkGuard Recognized as ‘Best IoT Hardware Security’ Winner in 2018 IoT Innovator Awards

IoT Innovator Award

Blue Ridge Networks is excited to share that its LinkGuard platform has been selected as a Bronze Award Winner for “Best IoT Hardware” in the 2018 IoT Innovator Awards.

This competitive awards program, run by IoT Innovator, recognizes excellence in a wide range of areas concerning the Internet of Things (IoT) and was designed to uncover and honor the best IoT businesses and individuals across the globe.

LinkGuard was selected for its advanced ability to protect organizations from a growing number of vulnerabilities posed by operational technologies (OT) and IoT devices and systems. As organizations navigate through complex digital transformations, many are leveraging the internet to connect previously air gapped systems. However, these open-protocol information technologies systems have also made it easier for adversaries to access and exploit OT and IoT systems and devices. The convergence of OT/IT means organizations are highly susceptible to lateral attacks from these connected systems, leaving core business functions, critical operations, and sensitive data vulnerable to wide-scale disruption.

The LinkGuard platform empowers organizations to isolate and contain IoT network segments within cryptographic boundaries (secure enclaves) which mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to the devices and prevents data exfiltration. Based on the Zero Trust methodology, LinkGuard provides the highest level of security autonomously – seamlessly protecting critical infrastructure and allowing IT teams to focus on other tasks. LinkGuard enables secure connectivity across the enterprise – wherever it’s needed, without costly or time-consuming IT overhead.

We are incredibly proud that LinkGuard has been recognized as a leader in its class for its advanced ability to protect vital network data. The solution’s proven security architecture has protected critical infrastructure for government and commercial customers for more than 20 years. We look forward to working closely with our customers and the cybersecurity community to maintain that level of security today and in the future.