Critical Infrastructure

Security experts agree that cyber-attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure pose a grave threat.

Maintaining the integrity of such infrastructure, such as communications networks, manufacturing supply chains, transportation networks, power grids, water treatment plants and first responder services, is imperative to upholding public safety and the livelihood of our economy.

Minimizing the very real and advanced threats to critical systems, as well preventing the downtime of those critical systems across industries, has to be a top priority, yet most traditional security approaches cannot keep up with the evolving threats. With critical infrastructure now increasingly connected to the Internet via systems and sensors to power Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart cities, networks that were never intended to be widely accessible are now at risk for attack. 

Additional security challenges arise as these systems are often managed by separate individuals or vendors, use non-standard protocols that were originally designed for localized communications, should not be intermixed with traditional IT systems, and depend on regular remote access by vendors and contractors using non-enterprise managed PCs and weak authentication.

How can organizations best protect our country’s high-value targets?

Our Solutions

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Autonomous Network Segmentation

Blue Ridge Networks’ Autonomous Network Segmentation (ANS) solution is a self-contained cybersecurity ecosystem that protects organizations from vulnerabilities posed by connected devices, networks, and people.

Based on the Zero Trust methodology, ANS provides the highest level of security autonomously – seamlessly protecting mission-critical operations and infrastructure – and allowing your IT teams to focus on more critical functions. ANS enables secure connectivity and future-proof breach prevention across the enterprise – wherever it’s needed, without costly or time-consuming IT overhead.


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Autonomous Endpoint Security

AppGuard stops malware attacks that are undetectable by other endpoint cybersecurity approaches. Our unique, patented endpoint defense prevents breaches from occurring by disrupting the earliest and subsequent stages of the cyberattacks. AppGuard works autonomously to prevent unauthorized intrusions of and other endpoints without requiring updates or patches. Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, AppGuard does not rely on scanning, detection, or signature identification to provide protection, reducing system overhead. You benefit from a breakthrough ability to prevent unknown and undetectable threats to keep your business running safely.


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