To improve the quality of care and boost staff productivity, healthcare organizations continue to become more digitally connected.

Leveraging network connected devices such as mobile medical equipment can dramatically enhance the patient experience, but also opens the door to data vulnerabilities.

In addition, managing and securing third party vendors is becoming more complex as they require more frequent access to patient data and medical equipment.

A healthcare data breach is no longer just about patient privacy, but could lead to more serious ramifications, if operations are interrupted or if treatment plans or prescriptions are maliciously modified.  As healthcare cyber-attacks continue to rise, it’s clear that traditional cyber defenses are not keeping up with the evolving threat matrix.

Our Solutions

Infrastructure Security

The BorderGuard Suite of products isolate and contain critical network infrastructure and systems, such as medical devices, medical equipment, and surveillance cameras from IT vulnerabilities. The solutions virtually overlay existing network environments, creating trusted enclaves that prevent unauthorized access — without changes to existing infrastructure. The enclaves are secured without interfering with deployed systems and are not discoverable from other internal or external networks.

BorderGuard solutions can also enable secure access to the enclaved networks and traditional IT resources for users and third-party vendors, while maintaining multi-layer isolation from other networks and the endpoint PC used for access. By isolating your financial services infrastructure from your IT environment, you get the ultimate defense for a more secure network.


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Endpoint Security

AppGuard stops malware attacks that are undetectable by other endpoint cybersecurity approaches. Our unique, patented endpoint defense prevents breaches from occurring by disrupting the earliest and subsequent stages of the cyberattacks. AppGuard works to prevent unauthorized intrusions of computers, medical equipment, and other endpoints without requiring updates or patches. Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, AppGuard does not rely on scanning, detection, or signature identification to provide protection, reducing system overhead. You benefit from a breakthrough ability to prevent unknown and undetectable threats to keep your business running safely.


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