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Blue Ridge Networks provides a protective shield for your assets defending mission-critical resources. LinkGuard isolates and protects sensitive data and essential assets from direct attacks. While AppGuard creates a hardened endpoint defense preventing malicious processes from gaining a privileged access foothold necessary for malware to overrun systems. Blue Ridge’s multi-pronged approach establishes an impenetrable barrier against attackers, ensuring your private info is locked down tight.

Eliminates Protection Lag

Breach prevention protection
without detection dependency

“Cyber-cloak” protection
against the unknown vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Gap

Industry Awards and Recognition​

Industry Awards and Recognition

IoT Evolution Product of The Year
2018 IoT Evolution
Product of the Year Award
2018 Bronze Award Winner
2018 IoT Innovator Awards
"Best IoT Hardware"
ASTORS Silver Award Winner
2018 "ASTORS" Homeland Security Awards
"Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution"
InfoSec Awards Cyber Defense Magazine
2018 InfoSec Awards
"Hot Company"
NVTC Tech 100
2019 NVTC Tech 100
2019 IoT Evolution
IoT Platforms Leadership Award
2020 Overall IoT Security
Solution of the Year
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