As the pace of government-focused cybersecurity attacks accelerates, detect-and-react strategies are becoming more complex and labor intensive, while still failing to stop breaches. At the same time, cybersecurity spending is comprising an ever-greater percentage of your agency’s budget.

In 2018, there 53 reported ransomware attacks on state and local governments. In the first four months of 2019 alone, there have already been 21.
– Recorded Future - Early Findings: Review of State and Local Government Ransomware Attacks
Traditional anti-virus and detection-based methods fail because they attempt to monitor and parse almost infinite volumes of detection and indicator data, requiring more tools, more personnel, and more skills every year. This reactive approach is a losing game. One where adversaries will always have the upper hand and, regardless of spending, your agency will remain at risk for ransom attacks, data exfiltration, and costly IT shutdowns.

A Trusted Choice for Agencies: Superior Protection, Zero Breaches, Lower Costs

AppGuard Benefits


Zero Trust Controls block malware’s intended actions


No dependency on patching to block the latest attacks


Set & Forget: can run months to years without security policy updates


Ultra-lightweight protection that performs better than resource consuming alternatives


Blocks the most advanced and targeted attacks

“AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.”
- Bob Bigman
Former CISO, CIA
“AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment.”
- Mark Kelton
Former Dep. Dir. Counterintelligence, CIA
“AppGuard is the only technology I trust to keep my machines safe and my communications private”
- Congressman Mike Rogers (Ret.)
Former Chair of House Intelligence Committee

Seamless Segmentation and Security for your Agency's Critical Infrastructure

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Government networks cannot and should not be compromised.

If sensitive government data gets into the wrong hands, there’s too much at stake.

Yet, keeping pace with growing cyber threats is an uphill battle as networks complexity increases with the convergence of OT and IT and the increased adoption the internet of things and bring your own devices.

Our security algorithms have been FIPs validated and we currently hold Army CoNs for multiple products. In addition, our solutions have been cited as compensating controls for HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Our Solutions

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Autonomous Network Segmentation

Blue Ridge Networks’ Autonomous Network Segmentation (ANS) solution is a self-contained cybersecurity ecosystem that protects critical government organizations from vulnerabilities posed by connected devices, networks, and people.

Based on the Zero Trust methodology, ANS provides the highest level of security autonomously – seamlessly protecting your most critical infrastructure and assets – and allowing your IT teams to focus on more critical functions. ANS enables secure connectivity and future-proof breach prevention across the organization – wherever it’s needed, without costly or time-consuming IT overhead.

By isolating your agency’s network infrastructure from your IT environment, you get the ultimate defense for a more secure network.

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Autonomous Endpoint Security

AppGuard stops malware attacks that are undetectable by other endpoint cybersecurity approaches. Our unique, patented endpoint defense prevents breaches from occurring by disrupting the earliest and subsequent stages of the cyberattacks. AppGuard works autonomously to prevent unauthorized intrusions of government endpoints without requiring updates or patches. Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, AppGuard does not rely on scanning, detection, or signature identification to provide protection, reducing system overhead. You benefit from a breakthrough ability to prevent unknown and undetectable threats to keep your business running safely.


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