Centrally managed by the BorderGuard Management console, EdgeGuard clients address the needs of an ever-increasing mobile workforce by enabling secure remote access for telework, management, or monitoring while simultaneiously protecting the enterprise from potential malicious code on the user’s computer and preventing the export of internal/private information by that computer.
EdgeGuard provides the user with a virtual desktop that can be configured with a web browser, VDI solutions from Microsoft, VMware, Remote Desktop to the user’s corporate desktop, or a Terminal Server, and Citrix. EdgeGuard is compatible with most VPNs, VDI environments, user authentication methods, SSL platforms, and other system architecture components without disruption to existing network infrastructure or operational processes. There is no drag and drop, copy or paste, or other interaction allowed between the secure portal and the underlying desktop. With EdgeGuard clients, end users can navigate securely to enterprise resources located in the cloud, data center, or corporate offices, turning any device (including personal devices) into a trusted terminal.
EdgeGuard clients are pre-provisioned and automatically authenticate and isolate wired and wireless remote access sessions before a secure session is executed (CAC/PIV, SSL, and VPN) preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and limiting exposure to malware, data theft and piggyback penetration of the enterprise through an unauthorized and unprotected tunnel. EdgeGuard works by isolating the endpoint so that no malware can enter the secure tunnel it creates with the BorderGuard access control appliance.

EdgeGuard Features

FeatureBoot EdgeGuardEdgeGuard
Remote DesktopRDP 6.0 Client IncludedRDP 6.0 Client Included
VMware ViewVMware View Open Client IncludedVMware View Open Client Included
Web BrowserAnonymous Web Browsing Firefox SupportedAnonymous Web Browsing Firefox Supported
CAC/PIVFully SupportedFully Supported
VPN SupportBlue Ridge VPN native.
Compatible with majority of other VPN types
including Cisco, Citrix and Juniper
Blue Ridge VPN native.
Compatible with majority of other VPN types
including Cisco, Citrix and Juniper
Wireless (WiFi) AccessFully SupportedFully Supported
3G/4G Cellular AccessNot SupportedFully Supported
Security Block of Local PrintingFully SupportedFully Supported
Anonymity of user locationFully SupportedFully Supported
PC Platform SupportBIOS Supporting USB BootWindows XP, Service Pack 2 and above (32
Windows VISTA, Service Pack 0 and above.
Windows 7, Service Pack 0 and above.
Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
Windows 10.
PC HW Platform SupportMin: 1 Gig or more RAM
Min: Wired or WiFi connection
Min: 1.6 GHz or higher 32-bit capable
Min: Screen Resolution 800x600
Recommended: Core 2 Duo (>=1.8Ghz) or
better; Recommended: Display resolution
1024 x 768 (or larger)
Min: Pentium 4 with hyper-threading enabled
Min: 2.00 GB of RAM and 200 MB free Hard
Disk space

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