Defense in Depth Strategy Protects Healthcare Organizations from Cyber Attacks

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The most valuable asset without a doubt for healthcare organizations is patient data. The recent global WannaCry malware outbreak, one of the largest healthcare security threats on record, wreaked havoc on the healthcare industry. Major surgery operations and appointments were canceled and ambulances diverted away – not because of resources shortages, but because trusts were under attack. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the recent cyber breaches that have occurred this year, it’s that the industry must move towards smarter cybersecurity practices in order to confront and prevent cyberattacks sooner.

As Tom Gilbert, CTO, Blue Ridge Networks says, “While the number of breaches continues to increase, organizations are realizing that one product alone won’t be the holy grail of cybersecurity defense.” Because attacks are becoming more targeted and sophisticated than ever before, some healthcare organizations are turning to a defense in depth strategy, “to protect against the many different attack vectors that are being used today, and multiply their cyber defense exponentially,” Gilbert adds.