Reducing Your Risk — and Other Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2022

Happy New Year! Time to take stock, reassess and come up with a game plan for 2022 on business issues that matter — like cybersecurity.


If you’re responsible for protecting your organization from cyber threats, many experts will tell you to kick off this new year by taking a fresh look at what you’ve got to protect; to surface the weaknesses and potential blind spots and figure out how to address them. They will advise you to develop “incident response plans,” detailed instructions for staff in the event of a breach or other cyber security event, and to test those response plans to make sure everyone knows the drill.


That’s a lot of work. Businesses can spend a ton of time and money on cybersecurity technologies and platforms, they can have all the right cybersecurity policies in place, and still get attacked. Happens all the time.


The events of the past year exposed increasing vulnerabilities all too well. They showed us that the bad guys have the advantage. Hackers are continuously devising new and creative ways to infiltrate networks and systems, exploiting vulnerabilities known and unknown. There is no realistic way to keep up.


Tracking incidents, patching systems and bringing systems into compliance with the latest security standards, processes and frameworks are still valid security strategies, and should be continued, by all means. But the traditional detect-and-respond approach is no longer enough.


At Blue Ridge, we believe it is better to be proactive, not reactive. We believe in stopping breaches from happening in the first place.


For our managed services customers, we do all the groundwork those other experts advise. We take inventory of critical assets and infrastructure; we map data flows and communications, both internal and external; we catalog systems and prioritize resources. And then we secure your assets by rendering them undiscoverable.

Our patented, field-tested solutions — including LinkGuard, a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) breach prevention solution that securely “cloaks” assets and data-in-transit; EdgeGuard, a zero-breach network access virtual gateway solution that delivers secure virtual network access for a distributed workforce; and AppGuard, a zero-breach endpoint solution that autonomously isolates and contains critical endpoint processes from malicious exploits — deploy easily and compatibly with existing and future IT and OT infrastructure, reducing integration complexity and costs. And they can be tailored to a wide range of use cases without disruption to critical operations. 


Going forward, given the current digital landscape, resilience will be key. There is no calm in this storm. The question is, are you ready?


Zero Breach for Zero Trust. Blue Ridge Networks.