Cybersecurity Defense in Depth: Archers Alone Won’t Defend the Castle


The universal increase of interconnected devices has created virtually limitless opportunities for innovation and efficiency in almost every industry. However, it has also given hackers hundreds of thousands of new entry-points for attack.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet – no one-size-fits-all solution that will completely protect your infrastructure against these kinds of threats and keep hackers at bay.

As the complexity of networks, and the devices connected to them, increases, security strategies that focus only on identifying and eradicating the attack vector have proved themselves both costly and inefficient. The best, and only sensible solution to provide as much assurance of network security as possible, is to adopt a layered, Defense in Depth approach to cybersecurity.

The concept of a Defense in Depth methodology for network security is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for nearly a decade and has also been nicknamed the “Castle Approach.” That’s because this strategy focuses on establishing multiple layers of security controls throughout your IT infrastructure, similar to the way castles were built centuries ago, with a moat, walls, and many other barriers against intruders. Would you rather invest in only a team of archers to secure your castle against unwanted guests or intruders? Or, would it make more sense to have a team of archers as well as a draw bridge and a moat? We believe the latter. Without one proven solution that excels in every aspect of IT security, it makes the most sense to invest in robust, complementary solutions that fill the gaps and increase the strength of your infrastructure. This also gives organizations the flexibility to leverage best-in-class technologies from a multitude of providers, rather than locking themselves into an “out-of-the-box” solution from one vendor.

While this all sounds well and good we know that finding the right vendor, and knowing who to trust, can be daunting. As you migrate towards a layered, Defense in Depth approach to your network security it’s important to look for vendors with a track record of success, and who employ the same zero trust policy to IT security that you do.

The bottom line is that while adopting a Defense in Depth approach to your infrastructure is not a turnkey solution, it is the best and smartest way to protect your most valuable data. Hackers are getting smarter and developing their techniques every day. To stay one step ahead, it’s imperative to build the best and most robust defense possible.

Blue Ridge Networks has been doing this since 1997, and our solutions have never been breached. Reach out to one of our experts to see how we can increase the security of your infrastructure with one of our proven solutions.