Cyber Spying

“Espionage” – a term one may associate closely with James Bond. However, espionage is more than action-filled stunt sequences. With today’s increasingly advanced technology, computers and software systems are used as a tool for spies to hack their way to sensitive information.

In a recent cyberattack, hackers attempted to steal sensitive data from several key sectors, including United States defense contractors. Over the course of several weeks, foreign hackers targeted the US and other countries, attacking the defense and energy sectors among other important areas. While the goal of this attack does not appear to have been related to the disruption of activity, the true purpose may be related to espionage. 

These hackers scan the Internet for vulnerable software and pick out targets from the vulnerable pool that may grant them access to sensitive data and information, as well as intellectual property valuable to competitors. In this instance, hackers stole passwords with the intention of maintaining long-term access. Once access has been gained, hackers then dig deeper into the system, looking for pieces of information and communication including emails. 

This type of cyber-surveillance poses a serious threat to businesses and governments alike. Security agencies with bipartisan support have worked to spread public awareness and warn similarly vulnerable corporations in an attempt to combat the rise of cyber espionage attacks of this nature. 

These prominent cyber-spying attacks serve as a potent and timely reminder of the importance of cybersecurity for organizations at every level. The damage from these attacks can be catastrophic and irreparable, no matter what sector or industry an organization is involved in. Sensitive data in the wrong hands can be used to significantly disrupt the lives of everyday citizens. 

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