Our solutions protect your customer data: no leaks

It’s unfortunate but true:if you shop, whether in person or online, having your data compromised is likely to happen sooner rather than later. It’s a matter of time.

Within the last year alone, Neiman Marcus notified 4.6-million customers about their compromised data. In 2021, CVS left 1.1-BILLION records unsecured on the web – user error. The point is, this is something that continues to happen even though it doesn’t have to. Whether human error or bad actors looking for ransom, Blue Ridge Networks protects your customer data in the retail sector.

Blue Ridge offers two solutions to safeguard your critical data in your retail operations: AppGuard and LinkGuard.

  • AppGuard is an agent on your Point-of-Sale machines, computers, and servers which prevents breaches from occurring, without reliance on scanning, detection, or signature identification.
  • LinkGuard creates segmentation for your PCI network and reduces the risk from third-party vendors who require access to your network. There is no possibility of uploading malware or downloading sensitive data.