Mission & Goal

A Visionary Cyber Security Leader

Blue Ridge Networks is a visionary cyber security leader that has pioneered proven network infrastructure, remote access, and endpoint cybersecurity solutions since the dawn of the Internet.

Our solutions are trusted by numerous US agencies and top companies when breaches are simply not an option. Our patented solutions create secure enclaves that isolate critical operations on networks and endpoints, essentially eliminating vulnerability to malicious cyberattacks.

We are different by design.

Our solutions create trusted operations using software or hardware-based security as applicable to the use case requirement. They seamlessly work with your IT infrastructure to keep your networks isolated and your data secure. Our BorderGuard and AppGuard solutions are deployed on some of the largest, most sensitive government, financial, critical infrastructure, and healthcare networks, protecting hundreds of thousands of users from targeted cyber-attacks and zero-day malware.

Why trust Blue Ridge Networks?

We’re simply more secure. In the 20 years of faithful service to our customers’ missions, there has been no reported breach of our solutions.

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