Our zero trust solutions are different by design.

Our patented zero trust solutions isolate critical network operations from discovery and data exfiltration and prevent endpoint breaches by essentially eliminating vulnerability to malicious cyberattacks.  They are designed to deliver the best possible cybersecurity defense with material cost savings for cybersecurity operations.

They are easy to deploy and manage.

We apply software or hardware-based security as applicable to optimize protection for critical operations use cases at the lowest cost of deployment and operation. Our LinkGuard segmentation solutions seamlessly work with your network infrastructure to isolate and secure your distributed IT and OT interoperability and data transfers.  EdgeGuard easily enables on-demand” secure remote access to LinkGuard “enclaves” for telework, field maintenance, supply chain, and other distributed operations.  Our AppGuard breach prevention software for endpoints and servers autonomously stops any undetectable attack without the need for cyberattack detection, identification, patching, updates, or other dependencies.  These solutions can be deployed with minimal or no integration complexities and efficiently managed remotely either by Blue Ridge as a managed security service or the enterprise.

Why trust Blue Ridge Networks?

Our cybersecurity solutions have been trusted for over two decades by numerous US agencies and top companies to prevent exploits of operations that simply cannot tolerate exposure to cybersecurity breaches.  In the 20 years of faithful service protecting our customers’ critical operations, there have been no vulnerabilities of our solutions reported in the National Vulnerability Data Base.  Ever.

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Customer Commitment

Blue Ridge Networks is committed to providing best-in-class solutions to serve our customers’ missions.


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