Blue Ridge Networks Chairman and CEO Interviewed on Federal News Radio, Talks Zero Trust, Cybersecurity, and Autonomous Network Segmentation

Federal News Radio

This month, Blue Ridge’s Chairman and CEO John Higginbotham was a guest on Federal Tech Talk, a Federal News Radio segment on WFED 1500 AM, hosted by industry veteran John Gilroy. Once a week, Gilroy is joined with experts from both the public and private sectors to discuss the IT trends and challenges faced by the federal government.

During the interview, Gilroy and Higginbotham discussed the cybersecurity climate in federal IT. Specifically, the importance of isolation and containment technology in keeping networks secure from the ever-evolving threats facing government agencies. Higginbotham shared why VPNs alone aren’t enough to control and protect your networks, and what agencies can be doing to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and strengthen overall network security.

Network Segmentation and Zero Trust are not brand new concepts – but the way they are implemented can be. Blue Ridge Networks strongly advocates a Zero Trust architecture and Autonomous Network Segmentation because organizations, government in particular, can’t solely rely on intrusion detection to mitigate attacks anymore. Agencies need to take a proactive stance against malicious intruders which includes isolating networks wherever possible and operating under the assumption that everything is already compromised.

Tune in to WFED 1500 AM on Tuesday August 7 at 1 PM EST, or listen to the full broadcast here, to learn more about Autonomous Network Segmentation, what could have been done to prevent attacks like the recent Atlanta hack, and how Blue Ridge Networks has managed to keep its clients secure for more than 20 years.