Blue Ridge Networks Announces Next Generation of LinkGuard: Highly Scalable, Faster Performance, Automated Provisioning

Available as a managed service or customer install, LinkGuard eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks with integrated public-key identity

Chantilly, VA – January 28, 2020Blue Ridge Networks today launched the next generation of LinkGuard, the preventative cybersecurity solution that seamlessly conceals and protects networked resources, reducing your attack surface and extending trusted connectivity with a granular level of control.

Compared to the previous version, the new LinkGuard offers enhanced performance, with Gigabit-level packet throughput and higher system scalability, so you can configure protection for hundreds of field sites, buildings, or industrial plants. It offers faster set-up with zero-touch automated provisioning and features the industry’s strongest encryption. In addition, the fully managed LinkGuard-as-a-service option removes much of the ongoing operational burden, leaving LinkGuard deployment and maintenance to Blue Ridge Networks.

With state and criminal actors increasingly targeting infrastructure, energy, and manufacturing, LinkGuard was built to help eliminate the most dangerous cyber threats today. It leverages a zero-trust stealth overlay to seamlessly conceal networks, reduce their attack surface, and prevent hackers from gaining access to critical assets, all without the need to augment existing systems. LinkGuard outperforms complex and insecure solutions like firewalls and TLS / IPsec VPNs and has been heavily tested, protecting U.S. national security assets for over 20 years with no confirmed security breaches.

“LinkGuard is the most effective solution to eliminate cyberattacks and breaches for industrial control systems, building automation, and more,” said Srini Mirmira, President of Blue Ridge Networks . “With new power, scalability, security, and management options, LinkGuard ensures organizations are always protected from cyberattacks, without constantly reacting to the latest threats or continuously altering their systems and structures. It simply works.”

New Features and Benefits

New Hardware Offers Increased Scalability and Configuration Options
LinkGuard’s new rackmount server option offers increased scalability with support for hundreds of additional sites and configurations. Other LinkGuard components feature hardware advancements such as new multi-core processors and new firmware that enable gigabit-level packet processing and throughput with triple the performance as compared to previous versions of LinkGuard. This greatly expands the scope of systems that LinkGuard can secure.

Zero-Touch Provisioning Offers More Secure Hardware-based Public-key Identity for Devices
LinkGuard now includes zero-touch provisioning that automates component setup and eliminates the need for manual provisioning processes. Each zero-touch provisioned device has a unique hardware-based public-key identity, ensuring a secure chain of custody and complete transparency into the LinkGuard supply chain.

Built-in Public-key Trust System
LinkGuard includes its own mandatory mutual authentication, with support for RSA keys up to 4,096 bits, allowing ultra-fast deployment and eliminating the possibility of man-in-the-middle attacks for all connections among LinkGuard components. Firewalls and VPNs require costly and complex public-key identity systems that are simply not practical for most organizations. LinkGuard’s operationally transparent overlay design means that protected systems do not require additional external public-key identity support.

Advanced Encryption and Protection
LinkGuard is equipped with the strongest encryption available today, including AES 256 GCM and new methods of VLAN application. Core LinkGuard features, such as sophisticated network segmentation and zero-trust capabilities, protect network security while extending trusted communications and connectivity with a granular level of control.

LinkGuard as a Fully Managed Service
LinkGuard can be deployed as a managed service, helping your organization switch from upfront, capital expenses to a predictable, monthly operational expense. Blue Ridge Networks fully handles all set up, ongoing deployment maintenance, and level-1 support so your team can focus on more strategic endeavors.

For more information about LinkGuard visit the Blue Ridge Networks website, or contact us here.

Blue Ridge Networks is a proven cybersecurity isolation and containment technology innovator delivering network segmentation, remote access, and endpoint cybersecurity solutions that eliminate vulnerabilities to critical network infrastructure and prevent exfiltration of mission critical data. The company has successfully provided resilient, scalable, and affordable cybersecurity systems, software, and managed services for over 20 years, protecting critical operations of its government and enterprise customers with no reported breaches of its technologies – ever.