Blue Ridge Networks and Vericlave Partner to Enhance Cybersecurity Offerings

Vericlave Blue Ridge Networks

Blue Ridge Networks announced today that the company has entered into a new partnership with cybersecurity technology and managed services provider, Vericlave.

The two cybersecurity pioneers will join forces to serve as a one-stop shop for critical infrastructure protection, secure communications, and network security. With combined expertise in a diverse range of industries, the partnership will enable both companies to provide unbreachable hardware, firmware and software cybersecurity solutions, purpose-built for the industrial and critical infrastructure markets.

By combining their complementary core competencies, Vericlave and Blue Ridge Network’s new arrangement is poised to bring the next generation of their proven isolation and containment solutions for securing critical assets to the public and private sector. Their joint development roadmap includes plans to advance their hardware and software for use in high pressure commercial and government applications, and to further perfect their solution to provide unparalleled, hardened cybersecurity to critical assets.

Their first joint product, a ruggedized stealth solution purpose-built by Vericlave and powered by Blue Ridge Networks, plans to introduce new product lines that provide combined security and extreme environment technology for the industrial and military community, bringing true data security to the very edge, regardless of location. Another joint project will introduce true zero-touch dynamically secured provisioning methodology to enable rapid deployment with finite control. These solutions will be built and designed at home in the United States and position these companies to redefine the future of national cybersecurity.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Vericlave,” said Srini Mirmira, Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions, Blue Ridge Networks. “Our two companies are equally passionate about helping organizations best protect themselves against the countless cyber threats existing today. By combining our technology as well our industry expertise, we will increase the integrity of our offerings even further and provide our customers with the best possible cybersecurity solutions.”

“Vericlave is excited to activate this relationship and get to work,” said Joel Bagnal, President and Chief Operating Officer of Vericlave. “The trajectory of future plans for this collaboration is tremendously exciting, and I’m sure that this new synergy will create endless new opportunities for both of our organizations. By combining Blue Ridge Networks’ superior software and firmware capabilities with Vericlave’s project management and hardware development expertise, we have here the real ability to shift the narrative of cybersecurity across all critical industry sectors.”

Blue Ridge Networks and Vericlave will be showcasing the new partnership and exhibiting at several upcoming events including: