Collins Spencer is the Founder and Managing Member of Spencer Partners LLC, a boutique consulting firm that secures access to venture capital, forms strategic alliances, and stimulates joint ventures for emerging enterprises. Prior to starting his own company, Collins was a Senior Vice President & Director at Boston-based Fidelity Investments/International and Vice President of Aetna Capital Management, a financial services unit of Aetna Life & Casualty (currently Aetna Inc.).  He has previous business experience at IBM and American Cyanamid.

Collins has served on the boards of numerous companies and organizations including Virginia Tech Intellectual Property, Inc. He was a founding & governing board member of the Robert A, Toigo Foundation and National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP) annual public / private conferences. He was a Consultant for J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Private Bank and the Episcopal Church Pension Fund.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Education and History from Providence College and has participated in numerous Executive Management programs during his corporate career.