Autonomous Network Segmentation

The Challenge

To maintain the speed of business, organizations are increasingly enabling direct access to critical operations and connecting networked systems over the public internet. At the same time, users, vendors, and partners are accessing network resources in a variety of ways. While this enables increased efficiency and business collaboration, it also increases network complexity and poses risks to an organization’s sensitive information and devices.

Traditional network security solutions attempt to scan traffic and detect threats, but this approach has become more complex due to the myriad of devices connecting to the enterprise network. Outmoded site-to-site and remote access connections depend on software-based VPNs that are easily bypassed by sophisticated malware especially on untrustable endpoints. Alternative traditional approaches to micro-segmentation have failed due to the complexity, cost, and disruption to existing infrastructure – even then, security and compliance gaps still exist.

The Solution

Blue Ridge Networks’ Autonomous Network Segmentation (ANS) solution is a self-contained cybersecurity ecosystem that protects organizations from vulnerabilities posed by connected devices, networks, and people. Based on the Zero Trust methodology, ANS provides the highest level of security autonomously – seamlessly protecting your most critical infrastructure and allowing your IT teams to focus on more critical functions. ANS enables secure connectivity across the enterprise – wherever it’s needed, without costly or time-consuming IT overhead.

ANS is simpler, more secure solution deploy and maintain than traditional perimeter security and segmentation solutions that doesn’t require significant management or expenses associated with IP addresses, Certificates, and Access Control Lists (ACLs).

Using public or private clouds, and with support for any communication media, ANS enables secure inter-departmental connectivity, intra-business networking, remote access, and connections between any ethernet-enabled device. Support for geographically and technologically diverse organizations has never been easier or quicker to deploy.

Problems We Solve

Key Benefits

infrastructure security
  • Extends security solutions for BYOD, telework and remote access/ management
  • Isolates, contains, and cloaks network infrastructure from public network vulnerabilities
  • Creates secure enclaves to protect networks from vulnerable connected devices
  • Overlays existing IT infrastructure and requires no network configuration changes
  • Built-in and self-contained public-key trust system automatically authenticates the identity of each appliance
  • No dependence upon external network infrastructure (DNS, BGP, address systems, etc.)
  • Secures any IIoT combination (protocols, address spaces, etc.) without configuration


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