Different By Design, Simply More Secure

Blue Ridge Networks is a cybersecurity pioneer in protection of critical network operations for some of the largest government, financial, critical infrastructure, and healthcare customers.

Our cybersecurity solutions are different by design. They isolate and contain our customer’s critical operations preventing attacks from penetrating networks and endpoints in the first place.  In over twenty years of service, there has never been a reported breach of our solutions.

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Bank enterprise networks, ATMs


Healthcare provider networks, medical devices, telemedicine connectivity


Federal, state and local network infrastructure and endpoints

Critical Infrastructure

Networked systems for utilities, water, transportation, and nuclear enterprises

Infrastructure Security

Our BorderGuard suite of products overcome the vulnerabilities of conventional security tools by creating dynamic, individual trusted enclaves that uphold the privacy and integrity of the guarded critical operations traffic.

The isolated enclaves contain and protect critical operations by adding a virtual security layer over existing network infrastructure. This method drastically reduces the attack surface, prevents unauthorized access, and contains network sessions for remote sites, users, and Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices.


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Endpoint Security

AppGuard disrupts undetectable cyberattacks at their earliest stages to prevent compromises without the need for scanning, detection or patches.

AppGuard prevents breaches from both known and unknown cyber threats without disrupting the user experience, or degrading system performance.


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Solution Benefits & Features

Rapid Deployment

Quickly deploys with minimal setup and no network configuration changes.  No enterprise dependency or on-going configuration and sustainment requirements for operational effectiveness.

Ease of Use

Pre-configured to compatibly overlay existing IT network architecture, VPN, VDI, applications, typical enterprise tools, and Cloud operations without the need to change your infrastructure or operations.

Field Proven Security

In more than 20 years, our products have never had a reported breach and have been validated and tested by multiple third-party agencies and organizations.

Flexible & Compatible

Our products are compatible with most existing security solutions, providing a true defense in depth approach to cybersecurity. Our products are communications media and protocol agnostic: wired, wireless, satellite.


“AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.”-Robert Bigman, Former Chief Information Officer, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

“Appguard has a completely new method for delivering threat protection and breach prevention. I’m a true believer, and that’s why I’ve joined the AppGuard team.”-Hiro Higuma, Former President of Symantec Japan, Current Chief Strategy Officer, AppGuard

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